How to Get Amazon Products For A Steal

Here at The Resourceful Man, we’re always shopping online looking for a good deal, which usually winds up me spending a lot of money on things I don’t need.

I also like reading reviews on products, sometimes to kill time, but most of the time as a serious buyer, and i’ve always noticed that a lot of the reviewers have a Vine Voice or Top # Reviewer attached to their name and I’ve finally found out what that means.

People who sell products on Amazon need reviews like I need sleep and reviews aren’t that easy to get because most people don’t bother to leave them after making a purchase. But for the sellers, more reviews usually equal more sales and better ranking in Amazon search.

To help with this, these sellers will post their items on Snagshout at insanely low prices, sometimes even free. You can buy the items at the discounted prices in exchange for leaving your honest review on the product on Amazon after you’ve received it.

How to Sign Up

Visit Snagshout and sign up using your name/email. You will also have to link your Amazon account so they can verify that you actually are an Amazon shopper.

Once you’re “in,” you can start browsing the Snagshout site for deals. They have all kinds of products up for grabs in different categories. If you find something you want, click “snag it” and you’ll be given a promo code to use on Amazon that will give you the discounted price at check out.

After you receive the product, leave your honest review on Amazon within two weeks. If you don’t leave a review, you will not be eligible for further promo codes via Snagshout.

Also you are required to post in your review that you received the item at a discounted price in exchange for your honest review.

The Catch

The promo code you receive does not cover the cost of shipping. Unless you’re an Amazon Prime member who gets free 2-day shipping on most items, you will still have to pay for the shipping. This may or may not be worth it depending on how much the shipping is and how badly you want the item.

Side Note: I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for almost a year now and I have no regrets. It’s worth the $99 per year if you do a lot of Amazon shopping, it pays for itself in shipping costs alone. Plus you get other benefits with Prime like Amazon Instant Video, Prime Music, and photo storage. 

Also, like every other site where you use your email, you’re going to get promotional emails pretty regularly, showing you what products are available to get cheap or free. So be prepared.

No Obligation to Purchase

You are NOT obligated to buy anything you see on Snagshout. Being a member doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to buy anything, it just means you have the opportunity to if there’s anything that sparks your interest.

Other Sites Like Snagshout

There are a few other sites that work the same way, you can sign up with:

Amazon Vine

Amazon also has their own group of elite reviewers in the “Amazon Vine” program who receive free products in exchange for honest reviews. These are Amazon’s top, most trusted reviewers. Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for Vine. Amazon has to invite you. So make sure that when you leave reviews, you leave really good, detailed reviews. I hear the Vine program is great and those reviewers often get higher-dollar products to try out and keep.

Happy Shopping!

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