How A Playground Restored My Faith In Automotive Enthusiasm.

I was walking this past summer around the block with my pregnant girlfriend, we walked up to a newly constructed playground and I saw something that restored my faith, that maybe this new generation of kids will grow up appreciating cars the way I do.

What I saw was this dashboard down to its bare essentials. A simple, flat panel that will provide enough imagination for a kid to have a great time.

Look at this thing: there’s a temperature gauge, fuel gauge, a steering wheel and the best part, a manual shifter.

With the downfall of the manual transmission, this is a big deal in my opinion. The designer could have as easily made a PRNDL slider, but he/she chose to put an H-pattern in there  and not just any H-pattern, either. This one has a really old school 3-speed pattern.

This toy is not overly complicated, it doesn’t even have any color, but it’s just enough to get the brain of a kid going… #SaveTheManuals

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