Driving in the snow is awful unless you have the proper tires. 

There’s some bad weather brewing here in Chicago, it’s a mixture of rain and sleet which makes driving in this stuff a nightmare. 

On my way to my Honda Odyssey I saw a Mercedes C-class blocking me in. I didn’t think much of it until the owner said that she was stuck and couldn’t move. So I offered to push her car out of the way so I can get out… Long story short, the Mercedes wasn’t moving from the parking lot and the Odyssey was on its merry way home.  The owner asked me how her expensive Mercedes is stuck while my minivan got out just fine. I replied that it’s all about the tires.  

It doesn’t matter if you have All-Wheel Drive or an expensive European car, if you don’t have a good set of tires you’re pretty much a sitting duck. I’ll let the good folks at Jalopnik explain:

Automakers are now making nearly all of their cars with all-wheel drive as an option, if not standard. The thought is that it gives extra security in places where the weather is very changeable. But all-wheel drive isn’t what matters. It’s the tires that matter. 

Here’s proof.
Here we have a BMW M3, a rear wheel drive performance car, and a Subaru Forester, an all wheel drive crossover SUV thing, starting from a standstill on snowy, icy roads.
The difference? The M3 is on snow tires, the Forester is not. And guess what? The M3 makes mincemeat of the Forester. The idea that you need all-wheel drive to go anywhere in the snow is bunk. Get winter tires on, or else your huge all-wheel drive SUV will get passed by a Corvette fitted with snow tires. Seriously.

Hat tip to Travis Okulski from Jalopnik. 

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