9 Ways to Get Rewarded For Using Your Activity Tracker

I’ve been the owner of a Fitbit Charge HR activity tracker for almost a year now and I have to admit that because of it I’ve become more active, especially when I start competing with friends.

But I recently found out that any kind of activity tracker could also earn me cash and rewards. Talk about extra motivation for getting in shape!

Note that most of these reward you with points that you can redeem for products and stuff and there are only a few that promise cash rewards. 

#1 – Achievemint – This is the one that pays cash. Unfortunately there is a waiting list to get signed up. Achievemint is an app you can sync your Fitbit up with and begin walking your way toward a $50 check. You need 50,000 points to get the check and you have to take 125 steps to even get one point towards that 50,000. But if you’re going to be using an activity tracker anyway, why not let those steps build up to reach the $50 payout.

#2 – FitStudio – This is a website you can register with that is powered by the popular Shop Your Way rewards program. If you’re already a Shop Your Way member, you can just use the same login you use for that site to get going with FitStudio. Sync your Fitbit once you’re logged in and begin earning points for steps. What sucks about this one is that you have to use them because they expire after seven days.

#3 – Walgreen’s Balance Rewards – If you shop at Walgreen’s and have a Balance Rewards card, you can connect your Fitbit or Activity Tracker to it. Then, you turn points into dollars off future purchases. With as little as 5,000 points, you’ll earn your first $5 reward. Save up your points to reach a $50 reward!

#4 – Leap4Life – You can register an account (free). Earn points for tracking your activity and then redeem these points for products from popular health and fitness companies or exchange them for cash.

#5 – EveryMove – This is a company that many employers go through to reward their workers for being more active. You can sign up as an individual and then connect your Fitbit or other activity tracking device to the site. Being active gets you points that you can redeem for discounts on various products. If your employer is signed up to use the site for rewarding workers for activity, your fitness tracker can earn you points that you can also redeem for incentives from your employer.

#6 – Pact – This is an app that will either reward you for keeping your activity goals for the week, or penalize you for not keeping them. You can earn small amounts of cash or lose small amounts of cash just depending on whether or not you meet your fitness goals. You can connect your activity tracker to the Pact app so that the steps you take count toward your activity for the week.

#7 – Higi – Another app that will reward you with points you can use toward healthy products or charitable donations. Connecting your activity tracker to Higi will help you earn points faster for being active.

#8 – AARP – If you’re an AARP member, you can connect your Fitbit to their site and earn points for your activity. Your points can be redeemed for savings on products, travel, and other things.

Another Idea

If you like the idea of earning money and rewards for losing weight, you might want to look into Healthy Wage. This is a site you can use to bet on yourself to lose weight and earn a some money if you follow through with your goals.

Want to buy an activity tracker?

There are several on the market and the folks over at Gizmodo did a review on a few. but this is the one I have. Overall it’s been great, it has a Heart Rate Monitor and it let’s me know when I have an incoming call via bluetooth.

I hope this will give you an extra incentive to improving your health for 2016.

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