Hate Shopping at Walmart? Love Walmart’s Prices?

You can use price matching at these popular retailers and heck, you might even get a lower price than Walmart. What’s not to love about that? Some of the retailers include:

  • Babies R Us/Toys R Us

  • Best Buy

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Home Depot

  • JCPenney

  • Kohl’s and many others.

Rather Be Shopping’s Kyle James  was kind enough to outline the details on Walmart price matching for a lot of retailers. Each one has a different policy, but in general, price matches require you to show the Walmart ad for an identical in-stock item.

In some cases, you’ll save more money than you would shopping at Walmart. Bed Bath & Beyond, for example, lets you stack a manufacturer coupon on top of the Walmart price match, Home depot will beat the Walmart price by 10% and Stapless discount the item by 10% of the difference.

 A few stores will even match Walmart.com prices on their own websites, so you don’t even have to set foot in any store to get Walmart prices.

Check out the list of stores at the link below along with details.

The 19 Stores That Will Price Match Walmart’s Low Prices | Rather Be Shopping

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The 19 Stores That Will Price Match Walmart’s Low Prices

January 12, 2016 by Kyle No comments   •   Filed Under ,

(Updated 1/13/16)

Do you hate shopping at Walmart, but love their low prices? If you fall into this large, and quickly growing, group of consumers this article is for you. What if I told you that you could stay out of Walmart altogether and still take advantage of their low prices? Well, by getting a Walmart price-match, you can easily do exactly that. Here are the popular retailers that will happily match the low prices at Walmart.

Walmart Price Match

3 Keys to Your Success:

  1. Download the Free Walmart Smartphone App (iOS, Android): Download this app and use it to quickly see what Walmart is selling the item for, and if applicable, use that pricing information to get your price-match at one of the retailers listed below. The app is very easy to use and lets you scan the items barcode and instantly get the Walmart price. While some retailers will want to see a printed Walmart ad showing the lower price, the majority will accept the price on the Walmart app, especially if you’re polite.
  2. Save Time In-Store When Asking for a Price-Match: Many “on the floor” employees are either not equipped to give you a price match, or simply aren’t familiar with their own store’s policy. This is why I always recommend heading straight to the customer service/relations desk, typically located in the front of the store. These are the employees that can help you with your price match quickly and efficiently.
  3. Save Those Receipts (Especially on Large Purchases): Always hold on to your receipt as many of the retailers below will give you a Walmart price-match days, or even weeks, after your original purchase. While it’s too time consuming to constantly check for a Walmart price drop on smaller purchases, it definitely makes sense on larger purchases like electronics, sporting goods, and home appliances. Without your receipt in-hand, you’re going to be out-of-luck when trying to go back to the store to get your price adjustment.

All the Stores that Will Price Match Walmart:

Babies R Us/Toys R Us

The folks at Toys R Us/Babies R Us will happily match the price at Walmart. Here’s the skinny.

  • Simply show an employee the lower Walmart price via an actual ad (with valid dates) or via your smartphone with Walmart’s website or app displayed.
  • They will also price-match the online pricing from Walmart.com.
  • Price match is given at time of purchase or within 7 days of your original Toys R Us/Babies R Us purchase.
  • When two or more of the same item are purchased, the match will be limited to only two of those items.

Best Buy

The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee absolutely includes matching the price at your local Walmart. Here is what you need to know.

  • The Walmart has to be within a 25-mile radius of your local Best Buy location in order to get a price-match.
  • The best way to show proof of the lower price is to bring in Walmart’s current ad, or show them the price on Walmart.com via your phone.
  • They reserve the right to call the local Walmart and verify the price independently.
  • Product must be identical, and in-stock, in order to get the lower Walmart price.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond will also give you the lower Walmart price on identical items.

  • The item must be first quality, in-stock, and must have an identical model number.
  • Just show the lower Walmart price to a sales associate on your smartphone or bring in the current Walmart ad.
  • Bonus Tip: You can also stack a manufacturer coupon on top of a Walmart price match for additional savings.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

I was happy to see that Dick’s now has a price match policy in place and it includes Walmart. You no longer have to shop at Walmart for the lowest prices on sporting goods. Here is the skinny at Dick’s.

  • The item must be identical, this includes the brand and model number.
  • Just bring in the Walmart ad, or evidence on your smartphone, at the time of purchase and show it to a store associate.
  • Exclusions: Rebates, coupons, bonus offers, gift card offers, clearance, including closeouts and used items, limited-quantity or out of stock items, prices advertised only as a percent off or dollar off, services or another retailer’s pricing error.
  • Unlike their coupon offerings, I was happy to see that they don’t have a long list of brands which are excluded from a price match.


When buying electronics and appliances, hhgregg will price match Walmart pricing. Here is how to make it happen.

  • Price match can only be given at the time of the original purchase.
  • Item must be identical and in-stock at booth hhgregg and your local Walmart.
  • Simply show evidence to a store associate and they’ll hook you up.
  • They also match the price at Walmart.com making it easy to show a store associate the lower price on your smartphone.

Home Depot

Here is how to get a Walmart price match at The Home Depot.

  • Not only will the Home Depot price-match Walmart, but they’ll beat their price by 10%.
  • Show evidence of the lower Walmart price at the customer service desk at the front of the warehouse.
  • Item must be in-stock, and only works on the regular retail price at Walmart.
  • Exclusions to be aware of:  Special orders, bid pricing, volume discounts, open-box merchandise, labor and installation, sales tax, rebate and free offers, typographical errors and online purchases.


Look to price match kitchen and home items at your local JCPenney as they have many of the same items as Walmart.

  • JCPenney will match Walmart pricing on identical items. This is defined as the same brand, style, color, quantity, size, model number, weight, etc.
  • Bring in a print-out or advertisement showing the lower Walmart price. Smartphone versions may also be used but will be independently verified before they give you the lower price.
  • Exclusions: Sephora, Salon, Optical, Portrait or Custom Decorating.


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