A Giant NES Home Theater is Exactly How Super Mario Should Be Played

Anyone can toss a TV and some speakers together and call it a home theater. But like many who’ve gone before him, Imgur user tylerfulltilt took it to a whole ‘nother level with a custom setup that pays homage to the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.


According to tylerfulltilt, it took about two weeks to complete, including a giant non-functional NES control pad on the wall that not only frames the TV, but hides the cabling to be left out in the plain sight. Since wireless controllers and dongles didn’t exist back in the ‘80s.


The room’s eye piece is a three drawer cabinet bought from Overstock that tylerfulltilt turned into an over sized replica of the original NES for hiding consoles and other gaming paraphernalia.


We’re properly impressed with tylerfulltilt‘s work, although I really want that TV to be bigger and lower.

Check out the full gallery detailing the build process at the link below.

[Giant NES Home Theater Walk Through]


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