Toast and Season Your Rice Before Cooking for Awesome Flavor

Rice is just so damn delicious, but with a few tweaks, it can even be more delicious! For example, next time you make rice, try toasting and seasoning it beforehand.

This tip comes via The Kitchn, where they suggest:

While the water heats to a boil, use this time to toast the rice with a little bit of fat, like cooking oil or butter. But don’t grab just any cooking oil — this is your chance for something more flavorful. Save the canola and grapeseed oil for another time. Instead, use oils like sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or even butter. A small amount will do — just enough to lightly coat the grains of rice.

Once the grains are coated and start to toast (you should smell a deep nutty aroma), take it a step further by tossing some aromatics — like chopped shallots, garlic, ginger, or spices — into the pan.

This is how my mom makes Mexican rice. She toasts the rice in a little oil, then adds water to boil, then she stirs in a couple packets of Sazon (Tomato and Cilantro flavor) and a little chicken bullion and then simmer until the rice is cooked.

For more details on this method, click on the link below.

The Tastier Way to Cook Rice | The Kitchn



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