Create A Professional-Looking Flower Arrangement on the Cheap

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re still looking for something nice for your significant other, why not create a special bouquet just for them? Speciality florists can be expensive, but you can pick and choose your own flowers from the supermarket to make your own professional-looking, affordable bouquet for any special occasion.

The first rule of making a stunning bouquet from flowers at the store is to skip the brightly pre-made bouquets. Instead, grab a few bouquets that have flowers that fall into one or two colors. Variations on white and red work well, and different shades will always compliment one another. If you want to add variety to your arrangement, go for different types of flowers rather than tons of different colors.

Your end result will look great and make your sweetheart just as happy without emptying your wallet. Best of all, if you waited for the last minute to get your flowers, they’ll look pretty well put-together.

Supermarket Flower Hacks for the Last Minute Valentine | Bon Appetit


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