DIY Crate Bookshelf

Wood crates are one of the most wanted, home decor material which you can build your own furniture with. From new and natural to vintage, rustic ones. Painted in any color. If you decided to use them in your new D.I.Y. project at home, you’ll find a big range of inspirations on the web.

All kinds of furniture can be made out of wood crates. The most popular are kitchen shelves, bookcases, stools and even beds. People tend to choose those vintage wine crates, but they are not that easy to get. Even if you’re able to find crates, they’re either old or new, it is up to you what style you turn them into.

Tara Michelle Interiors recently made a tutorial on creating a bookshelf for her son’s room  and I must admit, it’s pretty sweet looking!


Materials Needs:

8 unfinished wood crates
Sander or just a few grades of sandpaper would work
6-8 Sponge brushes
Plastic table cloth (not pictured)
Minwax Provincial Stain – 946ml can (any stain color would work)
Drill or screwdriver
Screws – 1 inch
L bracket (not pictured)


First sand down your crates.

Place crates on plastic. Using your sponge brush, stain every inch of the crate, when finished, wipe down the crate with the rag.

After the stain is dry (takes about 8 hours), use a lint free rag, wax each crate and then wipe off within 10 minutes. The wax step isn’t necessary, but it does protect the wood.

Next line up the bottom two crates and pre-drill through one side of the crate towards the back. Holding the crates so they don’t shift, screw/drill in your 1 inch screw.

Continue building the bookcase, one crate at the time. After all crates are attached, screw in some extra screws where the bookcase is weak and needs a little extra support. Lastly attach to the wall using a L bracket, or any other product.

For a more detailed process head over to DIY CRATE BOOKSHELF TUTORIAL.

Pictures courtesy of Tara Michelle Interiors


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